Our Consulting Services include the following areas:

- Accounting and Finance.

- Domestic and International Tax and Fiscal law.

- International Commerce.

- Social Security and Local Taxes (IMSS, INFONAVIT, etc).

- Transfer Prices.

- Fiscal Law.

Accounting and Finance

Financial accounting is an indispensable element for the decision making process in any company, for it is with accounting that the administration learns of the economic situation of the company and may plan accordingly.

At the same time its necessary to consider that both fiscal and merchant law establish the necessity and obligation to any and all companies to keep their accounting within regard to general accepted accounting principles.

Aware of the important roll that accounting plays in today's companies we offer the following financial and accounting services:

- Consulting and training in financial accounting.
- Evaluation and design of the accounting system in your company.
- Integral accounting services.

Domestic Tax and Fiscal Law

The timely and correct interpretation of the changes presented in fiscal law is what allows us as consulters to keep our clients up to date in the day to day changes. This first hand knowledge allows us to do a diagnostic of our client’s current fiscal obligations both in the local and federal realm and if necessary to take the preventive and corrective measures necessary to take advantage of the changes in the law with out client’s best interest in mind.

By working with fiscal specialists our firm is able to offer assistance and closure to onsite fiscal visits by the fiscal authorities and the filing and track keeping of fiscal obligations such as tax returns and compensations.

International Tax and Fiscal Law

We have expert fiscal staff in our company who by their experience and knowledge will do an analysis of all the fiscal obligations derived by dealing and doing business between Mexican and foreign companies regarding acquisitions, mergers and business restructuration. We also consult with and help our clients by correctly applying the benefits enclosed in numerous foreign treaties to avoid double contribution with different countries.

International Commerce

In the past few years International Commerce has gained a higher importance for the Mexican economy, bringing huge growth opportunities for all the different economic sectors in the country.

The world wide globalization process is the main factor and force behind the transformation of the Mexican market; to meet and face this global changes Mexico has developed and implemented various programs that bring huge opportunities and advantages to the manufacturing sector and International Commerce.

Natera & Niño de Rivera, offers consulting services aimed at taking the best advantage offered by the different international commerce treaties signed by different countries with Mexico. We also manage and suppress the risk involved with import and export operations.

Social Security and INFONAVIT

Fiscal contributions made to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and to the INFONAVIT may amount quite significantly and impact in a negative way the company payroll.

Our professional staff or consultants advice and help our clients in this areas with the goal of optimizing to the maximum the resources while meeting and keeping all fiscal obligations inside the parameters of the law, we do this with a deep analysis of each and every case presented to us.

Transfer Prices

The never ending Globalization and commercial interaction creates an ever growing number of companies; it is of vital importance to check that this companies do their business accordingly to the current fiscal rules and regulations, this will ensure that their utilities are being taxed correctly and justly in every country where they operate.

Our firm offers you a very experienced and expert staff in the accounting, finance and legislation project administration areas. We can develop an integral price transfer strategy to help you and your business achieve their goals.

Fiscal Law

Our fiscal law services consist in providing you consulting and defense representation in fiscal and tax matters in both the local and federal realm; as well as the following of audits, fiscal loan liquidations and negative resolutions with the sole aim of defending your interests before the fiscal authority.

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